We always had an idea to share our knowledge with one another that we would gain in our future. We knew that we would create something that would define us both. We played around with the possibility of starting a magazine, a brand, a showroom…But we knew it was going to be something related to fashion. 
Through a contact we found our factory which has carried out the production of our first collection, and straight away after seeing it we knew that it was a sign. We quickly visualized the project, from a very young age we have always thought of complements as something that characterizes us, glasses have become a statement piece in our wardrobe.

The name GEL·BERT was created after searching for an abstract name that would identify the two equally. So we finally decided to use our second name, but with a small modification, in honor of our mother. This way, the essence of the project is even more personal to us.  
At GEL·BERT our key value is authenticity. We opt for artisanal work and of a high quality, All of the pieces from our brand are made by hand within Spain. We use a small factory which is ran by a family who use the best materials available. 
Sophistication, attitude and character create the DNA which defines our brand and our designs, destined to satisfy unique looks. Each design has been carefully made so that our items enhance and highlight the personality of each and every one of our clients in any situation. Because GEL·BERT is you and me!